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Last Updated: 07th August 2018

Install Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks on iOS 11 - iOS 12 Using TaigOne Jailbreak Installer. TaigOne Jailbreak Supports iOS 11, iOS 11.0.x, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.1.x, iOS 11.2, iOS 11.2.x, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.4 including latest iOS 11.4.1 beta 2 and iOS 12 beta 1 and all 32 bit and 64 bit devices including latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

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watchOS 4.1 Jailbreak

watchOS 4.1 Jailbreak

After the revolutionary jailbreaks for iDevices the time has come to inaugurate jailbreak for watchOS. In the begining of the year 2018, a developer-focused ‘prototype jailbreak’ dubbed overcl0ck was released, but was not that much awesome. But now famous iOS hacker "Tihmstar" has released a new developer jailbreak for the Apple Watch naming "jelbrekTime".
According to his GitHub repository notes, "jelbrekTime" supports all Series 3 Apple Watches running watchOS 4.1. Further, he notes that compatibility with older Apple Watches and watchOS 4.0 and 3.x could be achieved by a skilled developer, although it would require some modifications. Obviously, there’s no Cydia app for the Apple Watch, so altering the device wouldn’t be as simple as downloading a jailbreak tweak like it is on iOS. Even Tihmstar has announced in his Twitter that he is "Done with the project and about to sell (his) watch." So it is doubtful of the watchOS jailbreak future. But let's see what would happen next.

iOS 12 Jailbreak

iOS 12 Jailbreak

Apple has shed their newest seed with the initial release of iOS 12 beta 1 days ago at WWDC 2018. Long awaited features consisiting AR kit and CarPlay plus some more have been released and log on to our iOS 12 Jailbreak page for more details about features of iOS 12.

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak

iOS 11.4 beta 5 has been released with few updates with the stil features of iOs 11.4 beta 4. We will be bringing you all the up-to-the-minute updates. Stay with Taig9 and visit our iOS 11.4 Jailbreak page for further details.

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

iOS 11.3 has been released and hopes are up for a better, stable iOS version among iOS lovers. We predict as this will be the last of the long list of major updates but, will be consist with several bug fix versions. Jailbreak seeekers are longing to see a jailbreak for this new release and please refer our iOS 11.3 jailbreak page for further details.

iOS 11 - iOS 11.2.5 Jailbreak

iOS 11.2.5 Jailbreak

Latest update of Apple iOS, naming 11.2.5 which is an offbeat from the usual has been released as a beta version. iOS 11.2.5 beta 4 has been announced days ago. Apple has presented iOS 11.2 with bug fixes and many new features as Apple Pay. As iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak demonstrated by Team Keen and by Google Project Zero Members, it is time to talk about iOS 11.2 Jailbreak and 11.2.5 jailbreak. iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1 has been already jailbroken by a research team "Alibaba Pandora".

iOS 11.2 Jailbreak

A public relesase for iOS 11.2 has been announced and the big question jailbreak lovers were asking has been answered by a research team called "Alibaba Pandora . iOS 11.2 and 11.2.1 jailbreak is now avaiable and in the mean time ,Team Taig9 offers Taig 11 Zenith jailbreak for jailbreak lovers so that they can install their favourite apps via Zenith, without really jailbreaking the device.

iOS 11.1.1 - iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

iOS 11.1 - iOS 11.1.1 - iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has been announced by Jonathan Levin accaompanied by the discovery of Ian Beer(Google’s Project Zero).
iOS 11.1.1 Jailbreak has been demonstrated by Team Keen Labs(Also known as Keen Jailbreak) but it is not guaranteed about a public jailbreak release for iOS 11.1.1. Here we attach the original tweet from vangelis about iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak by Liang Chen from Keen Lab.

iOS 11 - iOS 11.0.3 Jailbreak

Apple's precious new seed has been shed by Apple on 19th September, iOS 11, This operating system for iPhones has been one of the hottest topics for the last few months. The question, iOS 11 seekers have been asking for all those months has been answered by Team Taig9 with Taig11 Zenith. iOS 11 and iOS 11.0.3 jailbreak is avaiable via the jailbreak tool "LiberiOS". As this paragraph said earlier, Team Taig9 present the Taig11 Zenith to free download iOS jailbreak apps for your iOS 11 - iOS 11.2

iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak

Apple has released iOS 10.3.3 as its final stable version for iOS 10. We, the team Taig9, present the Taig11 Zenith for iOS 10.3.3 and you can install the most popular Jailbreak applications. This was released on 19th July 2017 and the new release of 10.3.3 is in the size around 80MB. No any huge modifications were done in this release and this mailny focused on bug fixes and security issues.
Follow our step by step guide of Taig11 Zenith for iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak.

Jailbreak News and Tools

iPhone 8 and iPhone X Jailbreak

"We change the way that people communicate".
The most desired phone of the year 2017 has been released finally. iPhone 8 has been released by the Apple Inc in their first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in festivity. “This is a big moment for Apple Watch and we think you are going to love it,” Cook says while reveling the new watch OS.
Meanwhile Tim says “one more thing” . This would be kind of surprising with the new iPhone X. Cook says it’ll “set the path of technology for the next decade”. This is pronounced as iPhone Ten. Read more about iPhone 8 and iPhone X Jailbreak


TaigOne - previously known as Taig11 Zenith, was first released as a solution for iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak. TaigOne can be used to install any iOS 11/12 Jailbreak Application on your iPhone or iPad. It is free and easy jailbreak tool for iOS 11 and iOS 12. This offers Cydia on iOS 11.4 as well. Also this offers Cydia Alternatives to any iOS version. Famous jailbreak apps like tinder++, Movie Box, Kodi etc can be installed to your device at anytime with TaigOne.
Click here for more details about TaigOne.

Jailbreak tools

Avaiability of a jailbreak tool for a iOS version is a common problem of an iOS lover and this time , with iOS 11, a proper answer for this problem has been given in various ways. Below stated is a list of jailbreak tools available for now for your ease.

iOS version JB tool
iOS 10.3 - iOS 10.3.3 h3lix Jailbreak
iOS 11 - 11.0.3 Liber iOS
iOS 11.1 - 11.1.2 Liber iOS
iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.2.5 beta No Proper Jailbreak Tool (TaigOne Alternative)

Read More about Jailbreak tools
If you want to downgrade your iOS version back to a jailbreakable version here's the solution.
How to downgrade to iOS 10.3.2?

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