iOS 11 Jailbreak

Last Updated: 19th September 2017

iOS lovers got a hot reply from Apple today with it's latest iOS, iOS 11. But all of us still got a question about iOS 11 jailbreak. We hope a prompt answer for this will be immerse hot off press with a jailbreak for iOS 11. Also a week ago, Apple has excited all of the iPhone lovers as usual with iPhone X and iPhone 8. iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the two hottest topics in last week and iPhone 8 and iPhone X Jailbreak yet to arrive. This news will bring goosebumps to iPhone lovers who were waiting eagerly for this moment. Here we go with this week's hottest topic of iOS 11 Jailbreak. Stay with us for more hot news.

Taig11 Zenith

Taig11 Zenith can be used to install any iOS 11 Jailbreak Application on your iPhone or iPad. It is free and easy method for using Jailbreak on iOS 11.

Team Taig has just released its latest jailbreak application installer for iOS 11.
Install Taig11 Zenith and Install Jailbreak apps on iOS 11.

Install Taig11 Zenith

There are two ways of installing Taig11 Zenith. They are;

  1. Using the mobile with Safari in it.
  2. Using Taig ipa with Cydia impactor.

Below shown is the first way of installing Taig11 Zenith.

Step By Step Guide of Taig11 Zenith (Using the mobile)

This browser does not support the video element.

Please feel free to look below for the step by step guide we have provided for your ease. This is an image guide as same as the video guide.

Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Click 'Install Taig11 Zenith' Button

Step 3 - Click allow when prompted

Step 4 - Wait for Taig11 Zenith to check the compatibility

Step 5 - Type the passcode when asked

Step 6 - Enjoy Taig11 Zenith on iOS 11

Second way for insatlling Taig11 Zenith is;

Step by step guide of Taig11 Zenith with PC(Using Taig ipa with Cydia impactor)

Step 1 - Downlaod taig.ipa

Step 2 - Visit Then download the latest version of Cydia Impactor for your OS.

Step 3 - Connect your iOS device using the cable to the PC. Open Cydia Impactor and drag and drop taig.ipa to Cydia Impactor.

Step 4 - Login to your iTunes account and and if you have enabled Two-step verification, login to your iTunes using app-specific password.
Keep in mind:- If iCloud login attempt failed, then please login to your iCloud account using iTunes on the same PC/mac you used. Then repeat the 4th step.
If any error occurs, click Xcode on the menu and click Revoke Certificates. Then provide your iCloud login details to remove it.

Step 5 - Cydia Impactor will install Taig App to your iOS device. This might take few minutes.

Step 5 - You will find Taig11 Zenith has been installed to your home screen and tap on the icon. You will find "Untrusted Developer" popup. Dont panic. Just go to Settings--> General--> Profiles and Devices Management . Find your iCloud email address under the Developer App section. Tap on the mail address and then tap Trust.

Step 6 - Enjoy Taig on iOS 11

More Jailbreak News (Last Updated on 19th September 2017)

Keen Jailbreak

Keen Jailbreak has presernted their jailbreak tool for iOS 11 at the MOSEC 2017. Although this has not yet been published, Jailbreak seekeres got a new ray of hope that the iOS 11 can be jailbroken at any cost. Below video presents the jailbreak demonstartion of the keen labs at MOSEC.
More Details for Keen jailbreak for iOS 11.

Tigris Jailbreak

Antique Dev is a famous Cydia Tweak developer known in the community. He has composed an esteemed team with the name “Tigris”; A new team of jailbreakers to build an iOS 11 Jailbreak which consist with notable hackers and developers. This team will be working towards a jailbreak for the upcoming iOS 11 firmware. According to them, even though they are newbies to C++, they will give their best shot to the scene. This will occur a bit late for a functional jailbreak, but for sure this will work with iOS11.
The team Tigris has announced that this new jailbreak will be compatible with all 64-bit devices running iOS 11 firmware. It will be fully stable and semi-untethered at least. Further, they intend to harbor the iOS 11 jailbreak to iOS 10.3.x if their exploits remain functional.

3k Assistant

3k Assistant is a free app installer, which can be categorized as a free app in the store for getting iOS 11 Jailbreak Apps. It offers only a limited set of apps but with the upgraded version of the app, users can install large variety of apps at zero cost. 3k Assistant is still in development and app developers work hard to improve the quality of the app.

Taig11 Zenith for iOS 11 Jailbreak

Taig has a history in Jailbreak with its famous iOS 8 and iOS 9 jailbreak solutions. And the team is back on track for iOS 11 Jailbreak. As you all know iOS 11 has been already jailbroken and Team Taig is to continue the findings of Keen Labs to finalize iOS 11 Jailbreak. Also, the Taig11 Zenith for iOS 11 will be available for public downloads for 100% free.

iOS 11 Jailbreak status

Jailbreak is not available for GM release of iOS 11. According to jailbreak experts, iOS 11 Jailbreak will be very harder than all other previous versions. Apple has introduced new hardware-related security updates with iPhone 8. So Jailbreaking will be harder than ever. Additionally Apple always try to prevent installing apps which is not on the app store but most of the users love those apps such as social ++ apps, tweaked apps and pre hacked games etc. And Apple continuously adding the features of jailbreak apps as inbuilt features. When considering iOS 11 there are a large number of jailbreak features like screen recording, customized control center and dark mode.
iOS 11 has been jailbroken up to a certain extent by team Keen Labs . Still a free download Jailbreak for iOS 11 is not yet avaiiable for public usage. But We present Taig11 Zenith to free download iOS 11 jailbreak apps.

Team Taig, Yalu Jailbreak and Pangu is working on iOS 11 Jailbreak and it is not possible to predict anything at the moment. But obviously, our team is on the top of the long list of others for the project of iOS 11 Jailbreak.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Alternatives

Semi Jailbreak



Taig11 Zenith

Yalu Jailbreak
Not 100% Free, but there is a set of free apps available Free apps available, but limited number of apps Limited number of free apps available. Large number of free apps available. Satisfied amount of free apps available
Premium Apps available A set of premium apps available. Large number of premium apps available All apps are free to download Yalu Jailbreak premium apps are available with SSID registration.
No SSID Registration No SSID Registration No SSID Registration No SSID Registration SSID Registration is available
No free access to iOS betas Free access to Sylorix and x11 Free access to X11 Free access to all iOS betas Free access to Sylorix
Cannot install Cydia Cannot install Cydia Cannot install Cydia Can install a Demo Version of Cydia Cannot install Cydia
No root access allowed No root access allowed No root access Can access limited set of files iFile type of functionality is available
Cannot Install system tweaks No system tweaks are available Cannot Install system tweaks No available system tweaks Can Install some system tweaks

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 11

All of the recent jailbreak solutions are not untethered and we cannot expect untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 11. In other words you will lose jailbreak in your device after restarting your device. But you can perform the jailbreak after the restart and use all the jailbreak apps and features again. There is a simple question to answer. Will there be an untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 11? And the answer is we cannot expect fully untethered jailbreak for iOS 11 since it opens many security holes in your device.Lets have a look at the pros and cons of Taig11 Zenith and Semi Tethered Jailbreak

Untethered Jailbreak

Taig11 Zenith
Loses jailbreak even after a soft restart of the device Not losing Taig11 Zenith after soft restart / hard reset
Can get cydia for iOS 11 with almost all functionalities Can install cydia on iOS 11, but only with less functionalities
Opens your device to security vulnerabilities Taig11 Zenith is safe to use since it does not break your system root
Not reversible, If you feel jailbreak is useless you cannot unjailbreak it for the same version of iOS, You have to wait for next iOS release Easily reversible, once you feel Taig11 Zenith is useless you can uninstall it.
When you unjailbreak, you will lose the functionality of jailbreak apps Taig11 Zenith is safe to use since it does not break your system root

iOS 11 released

Here we go with the good news of iOS 11 release and this would be music to ears of iOS lovers, who were eagerly waiting for this day. Apple gave 9 betas to experience the iOS 11 before this big day. So the number of bug count sould be tiniest as possible. iOS 11 is the most desired and awaited OS of Apple in the last few months and as it is released now, we hope this will be famous soon among mobile users.

This year's most desired phone-iPhone 8 will be launched on 12th September at the new Steve Jobs Theater at its new 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino, California. Apart from iPhone 8, we can count chickens for new Apple TV model with 4K and HDR support and LTE-capable Apple Watch. Buckle up and stay with us for more hot news!

Devices that support iOS 11

Any of the following devices can be used to install the latest version of iOS. And it is confirmed that iPhone 5 and 5C will not support iOS 11.

    iPhone 5s ,iPhone SE , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus ,iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus ,iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPad mini 2 , iPad mini 3 ,iPad mini 4 , iPad (5th generation) ,iPad Air , iPad Air 2 ,9.7-inch iPad Pro ,12.5-inch iPad Pro , 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation) , 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), iPod touch (6th generation)

iPhone 8

Apple has finally released iPhone 8 and iPhone X after a many months of melodrama. Apple has used this media gathering not only to reveal this sweet secret but also to reveal the shades of a fifth-generation Apple TV which will likely offer 4K HDR viewing, and a LTE-compatible Apple Watch Series 3.

Read more for iPhone 8

Features - iOS 11 jailbreak

  • Subtle volume HUD
  • iOS 11 offers the facility of recording your display from the device itself. This just need a tap of a button from Control Center. This was once a jailbreak only feature as the Display Recorder by Ryan Petrich and CCRecord which adds a button right to Control Center for recording the screen. Its rumored that this tweak used a hidden code that was already in iOS 10, and we can guess that code will be using for the iOS 11.

  • Low Power Mode Control Center toggle
  • This is a very useful feature whenever you need to save power.This was in the deep of iphone’s settings before and for that dubbed CCLowPower was the jailbreak alternative. This jailbreak feature was released recently before iOS 11 initial betas. This iOS feature was already in iOS 10, hidden to its users and the tweak unveil it to public usage.

  • Applying a system-wide ‘dark mode’
  • This feature of iOS 11 looks like a combination of two tweaks named Noctis and Eclipse. This is not much perfect in iOS 11 and also the same can perform in iOS 10 and earlier by the jailbreak tweaks.Even iOS 11 users can use this tweak for more features accessibility experience.

  • Moving many Home screen icons simultaneously
  • Whoever who needs to edit the home screen, Jiggle mode was the only available option by iphone itself to edit the iphone’s settings before iOS 11 release. But MultiIconMover or MultiActions tweaks enable this feature before iOS 11.Moreover iOS 11 offers the facility of moving multiple icons from one page to another simultaneously.

  • Scanning QR codes
  • NativeQR was a tweak that supports Scanning QR codes before iOS offers this feature.This tweak enables reading QR codes through the stock camera app. Apple offers this exact feature from its iOS 11 latest release.

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