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Last Updated: 10th April, 2018

Cydia is not available for iOS 11.4 at the moment as Jailbreak is not yet available for the versions greater than iOS 11.1.2. But there are a few alternative methods for installing Cydia on iOS 11.4 running devices.

  1. Install Cydia using Taigone (No Computer Method)
  2. Install Cydia.ipa using Cydia Impactor(PC Method)
  3. Add Cydia to Home Screen Directly

Let’s have a look at the above methods in a descriptive manner.

Install Cydia using Taigone (No Computer Method)

This is the most famous method used for Installing Cydia on iOS 11.4 and below versions for which the jailbreaks have not been released. In this method you do not want a computer to install Cydia, You install an application called Taigone and by using Taigone App you can install a demo version of Cydia with limited functionalities.

Here is a step by step guide for installing Taigone

Install TaigOne

Install Cydia.ipa using Cydia Impactor

The second method for installing cydia on iOS 11.4 by using Cydia Impactor. To use this method you need a personal computer / mac and Cydia.ipa.

Read more about Cydia.ipa Installation here

Add Cydia to Home Screen Directly

The third method is adding Cydia directly from a website to your device. This method is bit old fashioned but this is really an easy method and highly recommended method for the people who are not that engaged in Technology.

Read more about How to add Cydia directly to your Home Screen

Step by step guide for Installing Taigone

Here is the step by step guide for installing Taigone for iOS 11.4

If you are Installing Taigone for the first time, you are advised to watch the following installation guide.

Installation of TaigOne is really easy as it offers one click method. You may refer the steps mentioned below on how to install TaigOne.

Step 1 -

  • Use Safari browser
  • Make sure that your iOS version is iOS 11.3

  • If the version is not iOS 11.3 then you must visit the releavent page for the installation link.
    Eg: For iOS 11.2.5 / iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak -
    For iOS 11 / iOS 11.0.3 Jailbreak - click here
    (Please find these links in our menu under Jailbreak tab)

    Step 2 - Tap on 'Install TaigOne' Button

    Step 3 - Click Allow when prompted.

    Step 4 - Type the passcode when asked and tap on install

    Step 5 - Enjoy TaigOne on iOS 11.3

    Cydia.ipa Installation

    Cydia is originally a .deb package(a Debian Package) but the developers converted it to .ipa file to Install directly using Cydia Impactor. You can download Cydia.ipa from the button below to Install using Cydia Impactor.

    NOTE : We do not offer original Cydia (Cydia.deb) due to software copyright issues, but we do offer a modified version of Cydia as Cydia.ipa, which allows you Install a limited number of cydia apps and tweaks

    Step 1 - Visit and download the latest version of Cydia Impactor.
                  Note:Keep in mind to connect your device to the computer

    Step 2 - Please enter your iCloud account name and password

    >Step 3 - Either drag and drop the ipa of Cydia which can be downloaded from above links or select 'Devices' from the menu and then select 'Install packages'. Then select on the package you want to install. click on 'Open'

    Step 4 - This will take few seconds and then you will find Cydia.ipa has been installed to your phone. Enjoy Cydia ipa.

    Here is the step by step guide for installing Cydia using Cydia Impactor for iOS 11.4

    How to add Cydia directly to your Home Screen

    As described earlier, this is a primitive way of installing Cydia clone to your home screen without much hassle. This method adds a web app to your home screen just in few seconds. But this cydia also is a limited version with limited functionality.

    We will be adding this guide soon.

    How to Jailbreak iOS 11.4 and Install Full Functional Cydia?

    As Jailbreak is not available for iOS 11.4, you are not able to Install Fully Functional Cydia, Barrel ,Cydia Activator and many more apps which require root access. We will update this page once the jailbreak is available. You are encouraged to install Taigone and keep in touch with us for more details about iOS 11.4 Jailbreak and Cydia for iOS 11.4

    Cydia Activator

    Cydia Activator is a must have cydia package which can be found in Bigboss. It is a tweak considered as the backbone of most tweaks in Cydia. In other terms jailbreak is nothing without Cydia Activator


    Barrel is the most popular cydia tweak which adds graphical effects to your icon pages as you scroll through the homescreen. Let’s have a look at the following effect from Cydia Barrel

    Erase Cydia on iOS 11.4

    The way you erase Cydia depends on how you have installed it. Find the appropriate way of erasing Cydia. If you have no idea try, all three methods.

    1. Taigone Cydia - To Delete Taigone Cydia Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Cydia > Remove Profile
      Then restart your device to completely remove Cydia
    2. Cydia.ipa - Just Remove Cydia like any other app. Long press and tap on the cross to delete the app.
      Then soft restart your device to completely remove Cydia
    3. Direct Cydia (Web App) - Just long press on Cydia Icon and Delete it.

    Electra for iOS 11.4

    Electra is the latest jailbreak tool available and it supports upto iOS 11.1.2. No jailbreak tools are available for iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3 but 0 day vulnerability exists in iOS 11.3 (Public Release) and we expect iOS 11.4 jailbreak very soon. Electra will be the team releasing iOS 11.4 Jailbreak. Keep in touch with us for more details about iOS 11.4 Electra Jailbreak

    Cydia Alternatives for iOS 11.4

    As Jailbreak and full functional Cydia is not available for iOS 11.4, users use Cydia Alternative Apps like TweakMo, zJailbreak, Xabsi, Velonzy, TutuApp, TweakBox and Anzuang. Most of these Apps can be used to Install iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Apps at a zero cost.


    TweakMo gives you free jailbreak apps under free membership category and also it comes under three membership offerings. naming Silver, Gold and Platinum


    Anzuang is an Online Jailbreak app installer which needs No computer. This is using developer code extraction method.


    This provides Jailbreak apps and tweaks under the Velonzy Apple developer account. You need to register to a Velonzy account from their official website to install apps.

    Cydia without Jailbreaking iOS 11.4

    Everyone doubts whether Cydia can be installed without jailbreaking the iOS device and the answer is YES. But the Cydia is not fully functional. You cannot expect Cydia to work properly without jailbreaking. Most of these Cydia Apps are pure clones of Cydia with limited functionalities or Cydia duplicates which looks and feel like real Cydia. And I repeat Installing is possible without jailbreak but not fully functional


    Cydia.ipa is available on this website and it is developed by Taig9 developers. It is a clone of Cydia.deb and they have converted it to an ipa file. Also there are modifications as Saurik claims copyright of Cydia. Cydia.ipa is a different version of Cydia which looks like real Cydia and which gives the real feeling But it does not functional fully like Cydia on a jailbroken device.

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