iPhone 8 Jailbreak

Last Updated: 19th September 2017

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was released and very next concern of jailbreak lovers is How to jailbreak iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus? Actually there is nothing called iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Jailbreak but iOS 11 Jailbreak. To be honest, what is actually can be jailbroken is iOS 11 or the running version of iOS , not iPhone 8 nor iPhone 8 Plus. During the product release iOS 11 will be installed in all the latest iPhone models, iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But will be upgradable to any major or minor versions of iOS 11, such as iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.0.1. When jailbreak is available for the particular iOS version iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Jailbreak will also be available.

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iPhone X Jailbreak

iPhone X Jailbreak is same at the iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus Jailbreak and the jailbreakable thing is the running iOS version. If there are jailbreak tools available for the running iOS version your iPhone X will be jailbreakable.

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Step By Step Guide for Taig11 Zenith

Step 1 - Visit https://taig9.com/11/

Step 2 - Click Install Taig11 Zenith Button

Step 3 - Click allow when prompted

Step 4 - Wait for Taig11 Zenith to check the compatibility

Step 5 - Type the passcode when asked

Step 6 - Enjoy Taig11 Zenith on iOS 11

Benifits of iPhone 8 / iPhone X Jailbreak

  • Extending wireless charging capabilities
  • Customizable Buttons.
  • Customized Face IDs with true depth camera
  • Custom Animojis
  • Custom Animoji in Messages

  • Extending wireless charging capabilities
    You will be able to charge multiple devices using wireless charging and using jailbreak apps, you will be able get charging information of all the devices in single device. Also send some beeps to other devices in the same charging mat.
    Customizable Buttons
    As we all know there is no home button in iPhone X but it exists in both iPhone 8 models. And all the button funactionalities will be customizable with jailbreak. Just imagine of opening camera with volume down button which is originally used to decrease volume.
    Customized Face IDs
    iPhone X model comes with adaptive face recognision and jailbreaking will help to extend it by adding your family and friends to your face ID. Also you will be able to lock iMessages or Whatsapps using the face id by jailbreaking your iPhone X.
    Custom Animojis
    You will be able to replace the emojis by your family or friend photos and make fun out of them. All these features will be available to your iPhone X after jailbreaking.
    Custom Animoji in Messages
    As same as custom animojis, custom animoji messages will bring more fun to messenging. You just record something and send to your friend, Your friend will hear it with his own emojis with your voice.

How to install Cydia on iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Fully untethered cydia is not yet available for iPhone 8 or iPhone X but you can get a Cydia with limited set of features. This Cydia supports and iPhone model (including iPhone 8 and iPhone X) on any iOS version. There are two methods of instaling cydia on iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

  1. Using Taig11 Zenith App - Install Taig11 Zenith App on your iPhone 8 or iPhone X, then find the “Jailbreak App Code” for Cydia. By using the Cydia app code you will be able to install Cydia.
  2. No computer method with safari - In order to install cydia without using a computer, you may visit https://taig9.com/cydia/ and click “Install Cydia” button. Make sure taht you use safari for this operation.

iPhone 8

Apple has hatched their new baby-the iPhone 8, an iPhone redesign for their 10th Anniversary few hours ago.
This contains with the most durable glass body ever in front and back and reinforced by steel. 7-layer color process and 50% deeper strengthning layer has made the Smartphone more smarter.

This comes in Silver, Space Gray and beautiful gold as per Apple's today reveal. iPhone 8 consists of 5.5" inches display with Stero speakers which is incresed by 25% than the iPhone 7.
Brand new chip inside called A11 Bionic said to be the most powerful and smarter chip ever for a Smartphone. The most interesting part of a phone will be the camera and iPhone 8's camera consists of 12MP camera and also dual camera with deeper pixels.

New color filters, Optical color stabalization, and All-new sensors will give you a perfect camrea experience as a professional.

The phone will start shipping from 3rd of November for $999 for the 64GB, and it can be pre-ordered after on 27th October. The iPhone SE also has a price cut to $349, iPhone 6S to $449, and iPhone 7 to $549. 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be the next most popular devices for the next yea

iPhone X

Tim Cook has hinge this fully surprise to the iPhone lovers with iPhone X pronounced as iPhone ten in the event of inventing iPhone 8. This is said to be the most powerful and smartest phone ever. iPhone X is in 5.8 inch OLED “super retina display”; a glass back; a dual camera; and a small bump cutting in to the top of the screen with no home button, the display is enabled simply by tapping on the screen. you get back to the home screen by swiping up from the bottom, and you get to multi-tasking by swiping up and pausing. The side-button is now dedicated to Siri.

TouchID has been replaced with “Face ID”. Schiller says "it’s the future of how we unlock our smartphones", and it’s based on the front cameras – which are more than just a camera. Seven separate sensors are packed into that little band at the top, and it’s how the company hopes to overcome flaws with previous face unlock systems. It also works at night. Lets hope for a more powerful iPhone 8 in next year with this iPhone X.

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iPhone 8 / iPhone X Jailbreak Status

A jailbreak for iOS 11 is not yet been released for public usage but with Taig11 Zenith it is not impossible to install your favourite apps.

It allows users to exploit most famous jailbreak apps like MovieBox, tinder++ etc. It is easy to install Taig11 Zenith on iOS 11.

iPhone 8 / iPhone X Jailbreak News

A jailbreak for iOS 11 which is clearly compatible with iPhone 8 will be released soon. Even though an exact date cannot be say, we hope after September 19th-the grand release of iOS 11 , a jailbreak for iOS 11 will be divulge among iOS jailbreak seekers.

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