Keen Jailbreak

One of the most awaited moment for a iOS user would be a jailbreak for the latest version.

This year’s most desired jailbreak is a moment away, but Keen labs Security Researchers have been able to present a working jailbreak for iOS 10.3.2 and jailbreak for iOS 11 at MOSEC 2017. The Mobile Security Conference, mostly known as MOSEC hosted by the Pangu jailbreak team has been held annually and focuses on innovations and developments on mobile security.

Keen Labs demoed this zero date jailbreak on 23rd of June at MOSEC. This demo was presented on an iPhone 7 and the entire jailbreak process was demoed by 3 images. Zero date jailbreak means that Apple has yet to patch the vulnerabilities and exploits of the OS.

The demo started up by showing three different phones. The left most was an iPhone 6 plus running on iOS 10.3.2. Next was an iPhone 7 running on iOS11 and the last one was an iPhone 7 running on iOS 10.3.2. -Demonstration on three different iphones-

At the end, the audience was able to see all three phones were successfully jailbroken and Cydia running on all three. This process is a way similar to Pangu and yellow apps. This jailbreak is semi-untethered which means it needs to download and installed in order to jailbreak the device. This would be signed for a certain amount of days because Apple’s free developer programme only allows to sign certificates for 7 days.
If anyone has a paid developer account, he/she can sign apps up to 365 days. But most of the time it would be limited to 7 days hence having no any developer account. That means if the phone ever has to reboot for any reason, it would need to re-run the jailbreak process. This would be somehow a hassle. -Successfully jailbroken phones with Cydia running on them-

This might be the answer to the jailbreak pause, after the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 to 10.2.
Furthermore, this is reported as the first known demo jailbreak made for iOS 11. This would be an amazing news for the iOS app hunters, hence this brings new hope for the iOS jailbreak community apart from iOS11’s tightened security. However, a public version of this jailbreak has not been published yet and we cannot guarantee that the best jailbreak has been invented. However this is a good sign and shows off the possibility of breaking the high security of Apple. In fact we need to thank not only Keenlab but also Apple as Apple allow it's users to install apps without a developer account.

All we can say is it’s not possible to jailbreak iOS 11among the heightened securities of Apple and Lets hope for the best!!

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