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Last Updated: 2019-05-23

It's been a hassle and a disappointment to iOS users whom who want to downgrade their updated iOS version to a lowest one they prefer. Understanding this faulty, We, Taigone team is introducing TaigOne iOS Downgrader. It’s easy and accurate and also is on the peek of gaining popularity.

Install TaigOne

What is Taigone iOS Downgrader?

Taigone Downgrader is a tool which allows you to downgrade your iOS version. In order to downgrade your iOS version, you must install Taigone iOS Downgrader App from Taigone. When you save SHSH2 blobs according to your current iOS version, (during the signing period) you can downgrade to particular iOS version later (after the signing period).
If you do not have the blobs, still you can downgrade under the Apple's permitted time period. This can be done by IPSW files and TaigOne iOS Downgrader offers these IPSW file list according to the iPhone/iPad model.

How to install Taigone Downgrader?

Taigone iOS Downgrader is the hottest member of Taigone Triplet. First you have to download Taigone App from the button above and find the iOS Downgrader App as shown in the image.

If you want to save the blobs for the current iOS version and For more details about iOS signing please read below. How to save ShSh2 blobs

Let’s see how to install Taigone iOS Downgrader (Step Guide).

Steps to install TaigOne Downgrader

Click on the above “install TaigOne” button and install TaigOne app.
Please follow "How to install TaigOne" process if you feel any difficulty in installing TaigOne.

Step 2 - Open TaigOne app and you will see TaigOne iOS Downgrader listed out there.

Step 3 - Tap on it and tap on "install" button

Step 4 -

  • If the version is iOS 12.3 you should visit General --> Profiles and Device Management --> tap on iOS Downrader
  • This window will appear and tap on "Install" on top right corner.

  • Step 5 -

  • And that’s it. Done!
  • You have successfully installed TaigOne Downgrader.

  • How to downgrade an iOS version without iTunes and without computer

    Open the TaigOne iOS Downgrader app and it will automatically detects the iOS version of yours. Then if the version is compatible with the Apple's allowed time period it will offer you the relevant IPSW file and the step guide.

    Step guide of iOS Downgrader

    IPSW File list of iOS Downgrader

    Note: At the moment this article is written, Apple is allowing to sign iOS 12.2. Grab the chance to downgrade to iOS 12.2 even if you do not saved the ShSh2 blobs.

    How to save the ShSh2 blobs

    Step 1 - Get ECID

    • Plug your iOS device to the computer.
    • Launch iTunes and click on Summary in the left-hand pane.
    • Click on the Serial number field in the Summary tab until you see the ECID.

    • Right-click on it and copy it to the clipboard.

    Step 2 - Get Device Identifier

    • Just like the ECID, click on the Serial number field in the Summary tab in iTunes until you see the Model Identifier.
      E.g. in the case of iPhone X, it the model identifier will be iPhone 10.6.

    Step 3 - Save the Shsh2 blob

    • Open TaigOne Downgrader
    • Paste the ECID you had copied above
    • Select your device (Eg: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)
    • Enter Board Configuration (This can be find through this app - Lirum Device Info Lite )
    • Click Submit.

    This will give you a link to your saved blob. Save the link somewhere you can remind later.
    That’s all.Your blobs are now saved.

    How to find ECID of iPhone?

    Via iTunes

    • Connect your iDevice to your computer.
    • Open iTunes.
    • Navigate to the "Summary" tab for your device.
    • At the top of the panel, click twice on the line that says "Serial Number".
    • Your ECID is displayed in hexadecimal.

    On-device (Jailbreak Required)

    The UDID Calculator application from Cydia displays (among other things) the ECID of your device (shown in decimal).

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